About Me!

Well just a little about me. My name is Ryne and I'm addicted to music. Anything of any type I will most likely love. Punk Rock is my absolute favorite though! And really ever since I first heard it I've been in love with it because its just like it's flowing through my veins and attacking my blood stream! It sounds crazy I know, but thats just who I am. I write because it can change my mood like crazy, especially knowing the fact that everything I write comes from the heart whether or not I'm pissed, great mood, joyful, sad, depressed, or hell even melancholy. My newest song called "It's A New Year, And I Don't Care If You're There!" wasn't really written off of anger, but more of the fact that it was about everyone who has ever stepped into my life and then walked out without a warning card. Now I won't just keep them out forever, its a choice, they either come back, or I never see them again. Sounds heartless? It was their choice to begin with. Why should I care? It was a moving point to move on and forget about all the trash, so like I said, if they ever come back, they are more than welcome to. But just remember this is my year, a new year, and I don't care if anyone I know follows me into the future. Thats just who I am, music is my life, family means more than the world to me, but friends come and go, if they decide to leave and ever come back, I don't care. The same does go for anyone else, and this was just one way to get that out in the open, and this is also for anyone who has ever just walked out, even recently, I miss you, but that won't ever bring me down again. And music is just how I get everything and anything like that or something else off of my chest. That my friends, is why music=♥.

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