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Just Like You

Can you tell me what it's like
To be so fucking perfect
Can you tell me what it's like
To be on top of the world
Just tell me how it feels
Tell me what's it like
Cause it looks so fucking stupid
To be just like you
Don't wanna be you

You're running your mouth
Like it's a quota to make
You're showing your face
And the coward underneath
It's amazing how well
You think you hide

I've never seen someone so fake
I've never seen someone like you
I've never met anyone
That makes me feel so jaded
I'm faded

Don't wanna be an act
Don't wanna be a fraud
Don't wanna be a con-artist like you

I don't wanna be fool
I don't wanna be a fake
I don't wanna be just like you
I'll never be just like you

©2018 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal