Friday, October 28, 2016

Goodbye Peace

Take a look at me
Take a look at you
We're just two fools
Without a clue
What we're doing here

There was a time
I thought we knew it all
We were invincible
Now we're staring concrete
In the face
When did our sense of peace disappear?

We fall apart
But act like
We're so fucking normal
When we're
Worse than the 1900's
The Great Depression
Ain't got nothing on us

Are we still on the same page
Little nightmare?
Are we still singing
The same tune
To this lullaby?
Are we gonna say goodnight
Or fall apart?
While we still fight this war
We keep losing our peace

I'm hanging on the edge
Screaming does this really matter
We're roaring, but never heard
We fight, but it means nothing at all
We're searching for a light
In the depths of this eclipse
We're a dying race
What happened to our peace
We once held dear?

When did we lose
Our direction
We fell asleep at the wheel
Annihilated our light
When will we wake up?
Wake up!
Goodbye peace

©2016 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

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