Sunday, September 4, 2016

KIDS (Story Of The Renegades)

So tell me what I’m here for?
What am I supposed to do?
Cause lately it feels like
We’re just going through the motions
Praying to God, we make it through

We used to be the renegades
The invincible
But now we’re fading out
Terminated at our own game
And it has never hurt so much

Can you tell me
How pointless this is?
Can you see
How broken we are?
We gave up
The best part of us
Just to grow up

What happened to the days
Of our Neverland
We were kids
Living our dreams
Singing our songs
It was so fucking easy
To be whatever we wanted
Staying out all night
Till the morning sky

I wanna take everything
That’s ever killed a part of me
And write it down
We’ll write our stories
On these papers
And we’ll burn them down
We’re on to something new, now
We’re building out of ashes
Out of smoke, everything we once were
Will never leave, but make new
We are the renegades

©2016 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

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