Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lights Out

Don’t wait up for me
Cause I’m not coming home
It’s been too damn long
I just don’t feel safe there, anymore

So let me sing you a song
And tell you how I never cared at all
How I’m losing touch with reality
Every step of the way
But maybe I’m just mad
About how this always turns out
So let me go insane in my own way

Cause maybe I’m a renegade
Maybe I’m crazier than I seem
Cause sometimes I feel like
I’m heading insane
And can’t go back
For the sake of me
I don’t wanna be saved!

So let the lights go out
We’re gonna break reality
We’ll make it insanity
Lets destroy everything we’ve ever known
Cause I’m so done
And over all this shit
I just wanna live
Like I’m dead tomorrow
Let the lights go out!

©2015 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

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