Saturday, July 11, 2015

Just Fine

So why don’t we
Make these memories last
While you sing with me
About the past
And how they said
We’d be nothing
Without them

Let these scars bleed
And show them
How we don’t care at all
We’re moving on
And doing just fine
We never needed them anyway

Here I am
Living in peace
With the fact
That I only need me
They said I wouldn’t get far
Without them
That’d I’d stand to fall again
They just never understood
Who I am

Don’t hold me responsible
For your own misery
Don’t make this about me
When you’re sad you never made it past
You’re the only one
Holding yourself back

©2015 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

Friday, May 29, 2015


I used to believe in 
Happy ever after’s
But now I know
I’ll never be
Cause I can’t stand
These stereotypes
These stupid lies
All those fucking fights
It’s just not worth my time

So I’ll just fake this smile
If it’s the last one you’ll ever see
Cause I can’t take another loss
Another hit, before I just call it quits
So I’ll just live like a rolling stone
Going anywhere but home
I hope I never see you again

I used to believe in fairytales
But now I know
These heroes don’t exist
Cause I’m the villain every time 
And my own worst enemy

I’m done with all this bullshit
Every fight, every stereotype
Let it die with every single lie
I’m on my way out
But I’ll always believe in happy endings

©2015 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

Sunday, May 17, 2015

So Far Gone

(Verse 1)
I’m beginning feel like I’m just the villain
Of this life, of this world
Like all I've ever said was just forgotten
And it never meant anything at all

Watching it just pass me by
Like a fucking metronome
There is no light
And there is no end

I can’t find the nerve to say it’s alright
But I’ll find a way out
I can’t find the nerve to say I’m okay
Just look at me and say
We’ll make it out alive, we’ll be okay

It takes so little to fall apart
But everything the put the pieces
Back together again

(Verse 2)
I’m the cynic of my own story
The only one who never grew up
Cause I’m just so jaded
With everything around

Watching it just pass me by
Like a fucking metronome

I’ll just sit behind these paper walls
Writing down everything that hurts
Till nothing bleeds anymore
I’ll watch it burn
Till I find the nerve to say
Everything is okay

©2015 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

Monday, April 20, 2015

Moving Forward

You’re killing me
While you’re standing there
Alone in the dark
Can’t you just say something more
I’m at a loss for words
You’re killing me
As you walk away
I can’t stand this silence
So let me scream
As you leave
I’ll break this hold
If it’s all I ever do
While you stand there
Killing me

Back and forth I never win
You’re stuck in the past
While I’m moving forward
Again and again

Let me scream
And end it all here
You’re alone
But we made this far
Now it’s all downhill
Like nothing ever happened
All this time
Falling over nothing
But we’re all okay
Cause we’re moving forward

©2015 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lights Out

Don’t wait up for me
Cause I’m not coming home
It’s been too damn long
I just don’t feel safe there, anymore

So let me sing you a song
And tell you how I never cared at all
How I’m losing touch with reality
Every step of the way
But maybe I’m just mad
About how this always turns out
So let me go insane in my own way

Cause maybe I’m a renegade
Maybe I’m crazier than I seem
Cause sometimes I feel like
I’m heading insane
And can’t go back
For the sake of me
I don’t wanna be saved!

So let the lights go out
We’re gonna break reality
We’ll make it insanity
Lets destroy everything we’ve ever known
Cause I’m so done
And over all this shit
I just wanna live
Like I’m dead tomorrow
Let the lights go out!

©2015 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

Someday (On My Way Out)

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