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Young and Restless (Neverland)

(Chorus) Starting fires And raising hell We were the crazy kids Who didn’t give a shit Being who we wanted to be Doing what we wanted to do We were young and restless Young and rebellious It’s just who we were Way back then
Living in our Neverland!
(Verse 1) Staying up all night Watching the stars Float on by Singing ours songs Till the sun rise We tried all that we could To never grow up
(Bridge) Now we’re cutting corners To make a living Doing all we can To stay alive It used to be so much easier When we were…
(Verse 2) We’re living a dream Where we grow old But never grow up Staying young forever With a dream that’s never ending With a wish that’s never fading Remembering when we were young
(End) Don’t you let go, let go We’re fading faster Just trying to hang on With everything that’s left We’ll never grow up We’ll never get old Let’s stay here forever
Living in our Neverland

©2014 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.