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Down In Flames

I don’t need you
I don’t need any of this
We’re falling apart
But you act like
Nothings ever changed

Stuck in the past
So headstrong
Like you’re the cast
You’re the best
It’s an act
And everyone already knows
This is where
It all explodes

Get your act together
Cause you’re going down in flames
You forgot who you once were
And now, no one seems to care
You’re falling apart
And I can’t help but to laugh
You’re going down in flames
And no one even cares

Calling all cars
This isn’t a drill
We’re going mad
About to start a riot
We’ve been at this
For far too long
Dealing with
This stupid shit
We’re getting sick
Of all your shit

Down alone, you’ll fall
And the sad part is
You have no one to call
Everyone’s left you for dead

©2013 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.


(Verse1) Living in a paper back world Chasing dreams of a fairy-tale land We’re wasting pages on every last stand Falling apart in the middle of everything Wishing we could change Will we ever learn?
Chasing silhouettes In busted dream Living in a pointless world Binding ourselves in A paper back story from hell Our reality of the wicked Our reality slowly falling apart We’re slowly falling apart
(Chorus) We’re wasting away Burning the pages to our lives Watching the world go down in flames We still hope for the best As we break everything I guess, we’ll just never learn And I guess it’s just how we’ll always be Welcome to our new panic land

(Verse2) Write it on paper And let it burn Forget what it was Because we’re moving on Getting out of this place Let it go In the flames it’s built
(Verse3) Let this city burn down We’ll get out alive Let the flames go out When we’ve learned a lesson We won’t ever learn our lesson
(End) I’ve played this game For far too long And I’m over it Don…

Never Coming Back! (Already Gone)

(Verse1) You’re making me think That I need a change In this scenery   Cause something doesn’t feel right This time I just wanna runaway, tonight
(Chorus) Get out, get out I need some space Get out, get out I need to breathe You’re suffocating Blinding me And I can’t take much more Get out, just get out
(Verse2) I’ve been on a kick Where I say goodbye To anyone and everyone Walk away And never look back I’m never coming back To this again Cause I have nothing Left to say It’s just not worth my time
(Bridge) We’ve been down this path before Believing that it’s all alright But one of us doesn’t belong here One of us is just wasting away And I’m trying to figure out Why I’m still here Am I still here?
(End) I’ve been on a kick Where I say goodbye And never look back I’m never coming back! (I'm already gone)
©2013 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.