Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lost In The Panic!

It's funny how long it took
To build these walls
To watch the come crumbling down
In just a matter of time
Just a matter of time

We're the kids unknown
We're critics and the saints
We're letting them all know
That we're more than just
The liars and the theifs
The rebels and the free
This is our battle cry
Our battle cry

We're found in fear
Lost in the panic of this life
Writing our songs
About how
We can only hope to survive
Just trying to make it right
Make it right

We built up these walls
Hiding everything inside
While they all think
We're nothing but
Another lost cause
To be left behind
And nothing more

We stand up tall
We hold our ground
We're more than they say
Just lost in the panic
Waiting for our chance
To take the lead
We'll take the lead

©2013 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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