Give me a holiday
A day to break away
From everything
And let me stay
For a while
To get myself together, again
To catch my breath
I just need, a holiday

Stuck in a place
Full hate and mistakes
Waiting for it
To burn to the ground
For all these ashes
To fall down
To another fatal fate

I'm burning bridges
Like it's a job to do
I'm making it known
That I don't need you
So walk out that door
And don't let it hit you
On your way out (on your way out)

Fighting a war
I'm so sick of
Need a break
Before I'm broken
Can't stop fighting
Can't stop making it right
Just need a minute to breathe

I'm building up my fortress
I'm building up my getaway
Ready to disappear
Get out of here
Close my eyes
And leave for a year

©2013 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.


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