Friday, March 15, 2013

Walking around
A victim in disguise
So tired of the same old shit
All these people thinking
They're just the itch
Give me something that's real
Not another fake
Thinking that's just it.

I’ve been down this road before
And I’m so sick of it
All the bullshit
That never changes
This feels like high school
All over again

So get me the fuck out of this place
I can make it on my own
I’ll make my mistakes
Face all of my fears
But I’m gonna make it right
Just live my life
As the reckless kid I am
It’s just who I am
Living with no strings attached
(Casue I’m Over it!)

For all of the years
I thought I knew you
For all of the years
You were never the same
For all of the years
I’ll never get back
I’m walking away
Never coming back

I’m not apologizing for anything
Cause I have nothing to be sorry for
You did this to yourself
It’s the same old shit
Over and over again
Just give me something that’s real

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