Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kiss It Goodbye (I Don't Miss You)

There you were
On the day I met you
Messy hair
A hoodie
And those blue eyes
Caught me by surprise
That you would even talk to me
That you even noticed me

I always thought
I would never lose you
Though I was blinded
By everything I saw
Everything I thought I knew
Theres not a chance I would ever forget
Everything we had
I could never say I don't miss you at all

Those summer days
We spent being young and reckless
Us and all of our friends
I could never forget
Looking back I wouldn't change a thing
Looking back now
I still wish I said everything

Kiss it all goodbye
Cause I knew this would never last
Didn't think it'd die so fast
Every single chance I ever had
Every single line I ever said
Burned every letter I wrote
Just to say I'm over it
But I'll never say I don't miss you at all

You were always on my mind
Every single thought I ever had
You made me want to live
And forget about everything else
but it was just a fabricated reality
I still can't say that I don't miss you at all

©2013 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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