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(Verse1)  Can you hear me, still Should I be silenced Or a little bit louder Where do we go from here
(Chorus) I just wanna scream Let all the noise out Till I can’t make another sound I just wanna let it all go So there is nothing left I’ll make my point eventually Just let me scream Just let me be If it could last forever We wouldn’t be here We’ll let it all out In one big scream
(Verse2) It’s been downhill for years Trying to figure out this up and up But it doesn’t seem to work A story to my life Another record on repeat Somehow I wish I could know everything But it wouldn’t mean a thing No it wouldn’t mean anything
(*Chorus)  (Verse3/Bridge) Lost in space Like I don’t exist I swear there’s something there To know I’m not alone Still the same old kid Still screaming my lungs out Still living this life Making it everything I can My love, my heart Still growing strong
(Ending Chorus) Scream! Scream it like you mean it Let out all the noise Let go of everything I don’t wanna have anythin…

Just Another Fake! (Revenge)

(Verse) I don’t play games like you do I don’t try to cat like it’s about me And I refuse to deal with the drama that you’re all about Cause they’re all just a waste of time Not of it is even worth my time
(Chorus) Yeah you sing Yeah I scream Not much difference Just one is fake And it’s not me Try to make it real Try to make it last You’re the definition of what’s untrue And you don’t even care Or put forth any effort to change It’s a little pathetic And it’s all downhill from here You’ve got a lot to learn                 
(Verse2)  Everything you say Every little look you make Is just making me sick Just the way you act Like it’s all about you I don’t understand Why you gotta be Another waste of time just another fake
(Bridge) You’ve got a lot to answer for All the crimes you’ve ever committed It’s all going down tonight No this isn’t war But it seems a lot like revenge Done by demons hiding away in the night Just like the devil in control of everything This isn’t the en…

The Reckless (Life As We Know It)

(Verse1) We live, and we die But when was the last time Anyone did anything radical It’s got me going crazy Trying to figure it out It’s like watching a bunch of mindless robots And that’s not how we’re supposed to be
(Chorus) I wanna be reckless Live like I’m still alive I’m gonna be fearless Like the kid facing a ghost Or all the monster under the bed I’m not gonna back down Cause giving up is for the dead I wanna change this life as I know it
(Verse2) The moon is high in the sky And everyone is sleeping like the dead It’s just a little bit ridiculous Lets show them we’re still alive That being reckless is just apart of life
(Bridge) You’re backing down Still afraid of the moon light Hiding away in the corner Like it’s the end of your life But we’re just beginning to finally live
(Ending Chorus) Let’s become the reckless Live like we’re still alive Become a little more fearless Like the kid facing a ghost Or the monsters under the bed Cause giving up is for the dead! We’re the reckle…

Don't Forget (The Reckless)

(Verse) It’s been years since we were small It’s been awhile since everything went down Since it all went to hell Now we’re all grown up And we’re supposed to be adults But that doesn’t mean shit to me Still that same old kid Trying to figure this all out Still trying to figure Who I’m supposed to be
(pre chorus) But if we don’t look back What do we have to regret
(Chorus pt1) Did you forget when we said We’d never give up When we said We’d never fall apart When we said We would never give in To all these hopeless lies Did you forget when we said We would never forget What it took, to get this far It took us everything that we had

(chorus pt2) We had it all Once upon a time Spent it all Just to get this far And it still didn’t mean a thing We gave it all Just to get this far And all this time We said we will never give this up Don’t forget
(Bridge) They called us reckless Said we would never get this far We’re not worth anything To anyone in this town But I still have this song I sti…