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And Tonight (We're Invincible)

(Intro) And tonight The ground is shakin’ It’s wakin us up And tonight There’s not a light in the sky The whole world is shut down And tonight I’m gonna scream Till I have nothing left This is all I have left
(Verse1) When the world let me down I turned my back around Drowning in doubt, pain, and sorrow But none of it mattered Every single bit of pain I wouldn’t change a thing
(Chorus) And tonight Everything is breakin down The entire ground, shakin’ now It’s wakin us up Turn off every single light, in the sky Shut the entire world down This is how it starts I’m gonna scream Till I have nothing left This is all I have left Cause we’re invincible And tonight We own the world
(Verse2) Facing every single fear Owning up to every single problem This has got to be the end But everyone seems just fine It’s like a black and white film No one wins, no one loses Just silence all around
(Bridge) Bring in the noise Bring in the sound Light up the sky Like it’s all we have left Like it’s the last day We’ll ever live
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Raise A Glass (Here's To A New Year)

(Verse1) Here’s to a new year Here’s to forgetting the past Here’s to the memories That will always last I’m ready start something new Ready to make a year That actually means something
(Chorus) Raise a glass to the sky Toast to a new year And the old that has died It’s a time we’ll never forget Praying to God It’s the best one of my life Cause this all that we have Everything else has gone away So raise a glass to the sky And live it up right
(Verse2) Here’s to all shit We made it through Still alive, but died a little inside Forget about the time That we spent in misery Forget about everything That killed us a little bit more Here’s to the memories That made us who we are
(Verse3) We all lost something That meant more to us We all lost that someone We thought was ours But that’s all apart of the past The part I want to forget If we made it through A year of hell We can make it through anything
(Ending) And even though It was a year to forget We would be who we are Without all of that shit So here’s to everything That mad…