Listening (Our Last Stand)

Are you listening? Can you hear us?
Because you don’t seem to realize
 When we call, when we’re screaming our lungs out
You’re leaving us behind
Never caring, never ending
We’re all alone
We’re all just about done

We’re fending for ourselves
Trying to breathe
When we’re left out in the cold
All alone
Looking for a way out
Of this hell
We’re fighting for our lives
Running out of time
Screaming our hearts out
And you’re not even listening

It’s a disaster, I know
It’s a war of the unknown
So grab your weapons tonight
We fight at twilight

Face the facts
You’re out done
Falling behind
You’re ignorance
Will be your deathbed
We’re screaming our lungs out
Only to fall on deaf ears
Not even listening
This is our last stand

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.


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