Eclipse (Remember The Simple Things)

We’re always searching for peace
Everything right in front of us
Too damn blind to see
We’re doin’ just fine
Just gotta breathe
Once in a while
Slow down and block out the rest
Just remember the simple things

We figure it out
What it’s all about
Then we’re gone
So just forget the pain
Let it wash away
With the rain
Leave it behind
Because we don’t
Have too much time
Let it go out
With the sun

Let the sun fade out
Let it go down with the rest
It shows us who we are
Who we’re supposed to be
How far gone we are
How far we have to run
So we don’t miss another mark
We have to
Remember the simple things

I’m watching the sun burn out
It’s slowly fading now
As we let our hope go with
We slowly go out with the rest
Block it out
Because the pain never really goes away

Play me song
And I’ll give you a thought
Forget the pain
Because it always rains
It’ll get washed away
And you’ll move on, eventually
Just remember the simple things

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.


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