Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Last Day In Paradise

Hopeless days
And reckless nights
A time of rest
A time of fight
Never knowing
When to quit
This is where we end
Where we begin

Let the stars fall down
Fall in to peace
Let it make the sound
The sound of unity

I know its hard to remember
Way back when
And how things use to be
The peace we once knew
The dream we wanted to live
The hate that was just a myth
It was life in paradise
I’d give anything
Just to go back
For one more day
One last day in paradise

There was a time
Everything was alright
And I thought we wouldn’t forget
How to live
How to keep things right
But we failed
We fell apart
We hit the ground so hard
We couldn’t get back up

Let the stars fall down
Remind us of the peace
We all once knew
And bring it back
To where we belong

There was a time
When hate didn’t exist
When fear was another myth
We were reckless
And didn’t give a shit
It was time
When we lived in paradise

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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