Sunday, November 11, 2012

Never Give Up

Days go by
And I still can’t see the light
A way to get out
Of this hell we’re in
It’s draining the life
Out of my skin

I’ve always done
What I’ve been told
And I’m starting give
Less of a damn, every day
Waiting to scream
And get everything out

I’m watching these streets flood
Full of hate and fear
Watching these gloves come off
To live to fight another day
It’s the war we’re in
Full of liars and saints
And a bunch of fools
Living in misery
This is where it end
This is where we stand our ground
Never back down

Another night
Another falling star
Fighting an impossible war
But never giving up
Fading away in this hell
Giving up, every last breath
To this cause
It’s what I believe
This is where I stand my ground
Never giving up

Tell me one more time
That I can’t make this right
Knock me down
To fill your own twisted desire
But I’ll be standing here
Waiting to prove you wrong
Waiting to show you
What a real nightmare is

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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