Not Coming Back

After all this hell
You put me through
I’m not coming back to you
Call me a fake
Call me a liar
Say it’s a bluff
And that I’ll be back tomorrow
But you’ll be dead
Before you ever see my face again
I’m not coming back

You see my friends
They’re looking down at you
Watching as you fall
And stumble across the ground
It’s just pathetic
You’re not even worth my time of day
So get a life

You were a friend
Someone I could always count on
Turned around for a second
And you’ve changed so much
All I have left to say is
So long! Farewell!
You’ll be choking on the dust
As I pull out of the street
Out of your hopeless view

Cause you’re a fake
You’re a liar
It’s not a bluff
You’ll be dead tomorrow
But don’t regret it
And don’t forget your bodybag
Cause I’m not coming back
You’ll never see my face again
No! I’m not coming back!

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal. 


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