Sunday, September 23, 2012

How To Live

I’m stuck in a metronome
Freaking out
I don’t know where to go
Gotta get away right now
Gotta figure this thing out
Without a break down

Break down the stereo
Turn out the lights
And just breathe for a while
I wanna live in the moment
Pray that it’s not
The same damn thing everyday
I hope it’s not too late
To be, who I wanna be

Run into the darkness
Settle down
And take it all in
All the surroundings
And just breathe
Like it’s the last breath
I’ll ever take in
Give me some time
To learn how to live again
Get out of this rut
I wanna feel like I’m alive

The waves crash down
The stars falling out
The midnight air
Slowly breathing in
This is where I wanna be
Right in the middle
Of paradise
I wanna learn how to live again

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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