Sunday, August 5, 2012

Heart Stops Beating (Stupid Love Song take2)

I’m outside your window
Throwing pebbles
Trying to get your attention
You came out
10 minutes later

We went driving
For an hour or two
We’re running around this park
In the middle of the night
Hoping the cops don’t catch us
With so much left to say

If I could I would give you everything
If I wasn’t so nervous
I’d say what you mean to me
Your beautiful and deserve more than me


Even if my heart stops beating tonight
I’ll scream it from the roof tops
Standing on top of the world
I’ll get out everything I have to say
Even if we run out of time
I promise nothing will stop me this time
I’ll finish this stupid love song

I’ll make this another
Romeo and Juliet story
So overrated but I don’t care
I’m standing outside your window tonight
Throwing pebbles to get your attention
Hoping you’ll go out with me
We can just drive around for hours


We just don’t give a fuck
We just don’t care
We’re running away
Getting out of this town
Trying to make it out alive
While I’m just trying to impress you
Praying I don’t run you off
Praying that you sick around
And listen to my stupid love song
That I wrote, just for you
It goes like..


©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal. 

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