Saturday, June 30, 2012


Can you hear me, still
Should I be silenced
Or a little bit louder
Where do we go from here

I just wanna scream
Let all the noise out
Till I can’t make another sound
I just wanna let it all go
So there is nothing left
I’ll make my point eventually
Just let me scream
Just let me be
If it could last forever
We wouldn’t be here
We’ll let it all out
In one big scream

It’s been downhill for years
Trying to figure out this up and up
But it doesn’t seem to work
A story to my life
Another record on repeat
Somehow I wish I could know everything
But it wouldn’t mean a thing
No it wouldn’t mean anything

Lost in space
Like I don’t exist
I swear there’s something there
To know I’m not alone
Still the same old kid
Still screaming my lungs out
Still living this life
Making it everything I can
My love, my heart
Still growing strong

(Ending Chorus)
Scream! Scream it like you mean it
Let out all the noise
Let go of everything
I don’t wanna have anything left
Cause I know
That I’ll make my point eventually
Just let me be
Let me scream!
Just let us be
We’ll let it out
In one big scream!

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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