Monday, June 4, 2012

The Reckless (Life As We Know It)

We live, and we die
But when was the last time
Anyone did anything radical
It’s got me going crazy
Trying to figure it out
It’s like watching a bunch of mindless robots
And that’s not how we’re supposed to be

I wanna be reckless
Live like I’m still alive
I’m gonna be fearless
Like the kid facing a ghost
Or all the monster under the bed
I’m not gonna back down
Cause giving up is for the dead
I wanna change this life as I know it

The moon is high in the sky
And everyone is sleeping like the dead
It’s just a little bit ridiculous
Lets show them we’re still alive
That being reckless is just apart of life

You’re backing down
Still afraid of the moon light
Hiding away in the corner
Like it’s the end of your life
But we’re just beginning to finally live

(Ending Chorus)
Let’s become the reckless
Live like we’re still alive
Become a little more fearless
Like the kid facing a ghost
Or the monsters under the bed
Cause giving up is for the dead!
We’re the reckless
We’re the fearless
Changing this life as we know it!

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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