Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Another Fake! (Revenge)

I don’t play games like you do
I don’t try to cat like it’s about me
And I refuse to deal with the drama that you’re all about
Cause they’re all just a waste of time
Not of it is even worth my time

Yeah you sing
Yeah I scream
Not much difference
Just one is fake
And it’s not me
Try to make it real
Try to make it last
You’re the definition of what’s untrue
And you don’t even care
Or put forth any effort to change
It’s a little pathetic
And it’s all downhill from here
You’ve got a lot to learn                 

Everything you say
Every little look you make
Is just making me sick
Just the way you act
Like it’s all about you
I don’t understand
Why you gotta be
Another waste of time
just another fake


You’ve got a lot to answer for
All the crimes you’ve ever committed
It’s all going down tonight
No this isn’t war
But it seems a lot like revenge
Done by demons hiding away in the night
Just like the devil in control of everything
This isn’t the end, but it might be the end of this


You’re just, yeah!
You’re just another fake!

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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