Monday, May 21, 2012

Kill Me In The Record Shop (Love Me Till I'm Dead)

Kill me in the record shop
Kiss me, baby, till I’m dead
Cause you’re everything I need
Everything I could ever want
Even though you’re just a dirty pop chick
And I’m a punk rock kid
Tell me what’s the difference?
Cause I don’t see one
Just kill me in the record shop
Love me till I’m dead!

Drop the beat now
Bring in that bass line tight
I’ll bring my guitar
You just bring who you are
We’ll have the time of our lives
We’ll bring this roof on down
Who’s gonna stop us
From breaking in this record shop
It’s just another love story
Gone just a little bit crazy

Take my hand come dance with me
We’ll make this our song
Won’t let anyone bring us down
Cause we broke in this record shop
We might as well make the best of it
Cause it’s just you and me
No one else in this room tonight
Just don’t you dare say goodbye

We’re goin a little bit crazy
On another love story
But that is just who are
The kids unknown
Baby, we’re the kids in love

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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