Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That Same Old Song (Never Forget You)

Do you remember way back when
We were stuck in the past
In between passing letters
It was all about us
We had nothing to fear
It was now or never
But it never was
And hasn’t been the same
I miss those days
Of just you and me

I’ll just sit here
Playing that same old song
Trying to forget
But it’s just not that easy
It’s a pathetic excuse
But I don’t wanna forget
Anything about you

I’d wait a million years
Just for you
I’d cross the universe on my knees
Just to find you again
If I knew it wouldn’t be in vain
You’d be mine today
But right now…(chorus)

If I ever find you again
Would you run away with me
We could forget the past
And write a brand new story
It sounds cliché
But it’s a promise I’ll never break
Until then….(chorus)

I’ll wait a million years
Until I can’t wait anymore
I’d race across time
If it meant this time was ours
If I ever got the chance
I’d hold you till the day I die
It so cliché, but I promise
It’s a promise I’ll never break
It’s the days I’ll never forget
But if that day never comes
I’ll just sit here playing
This same old song
Until the day I die

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.  

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