Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stand Back!

They say that we were born to die
That we won’t surive
They say we’ll never be anything
But I’m not giving up that easily

(chorus pt1)
So stand back
And get ready for this
We’re gonna show you
What it means to live
Stand back
Cause I ain’t playin around
It’s time that you
Learn your place

(chorus pt2)
We’re not giving up so easily
We’re weren’t meant to die
This is our time
We’re gonna do more than survive
So stand back

In the long run
You’re just another fool
Another hopeless lunatic
Dazed and confused
I couldn’t care less
I’m not living to die
I’m dying to live!

I’ll stand alone
I’ll make it on my own
Cause I don’t know
Just how to give up
If it only takes one
I’ll never back down

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal. 

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