Sunday, March 18, 2012

Save Us

(Quiet Voice)
You’re gonna get what you deserve
Watch your back, it won’t be pretty

We’re living in a world where darkness rules
And everything we know, is coming to an end
We’re ruled by the wicked
By the ones who just don’t care
And everything I hate, everything I fear
It’s becoming a reality

Sa-sa-save me, save us
We’re on the fast track to hell
No one’s looking back
No one even sees the reality
And the pain, and the hate
And the scars, and the fears
All the dread and loss of respect
Everything’s coming to an end
Save me, save us

Is this nightmare real
Is it becoming a reality
Oh God, Oh God
Where have you gone
All you’re people
Running in fear
In pain and regret
It’s not a pretty sight
When will we see
That it’s all our fault

We’re hiding in the dark
In the dead of night
Running with the demons
What have we become
They say we weep what we’ve sown
And everything we know
Is just another lie
Oh God, Oh God
Save us, again

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.  

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