Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fake Smiles (edited)

I don’t care what you say
What you do
Cause I’m through
With every lie that you say
All the bullshit smiles
It’s making me sick
So get out of my face
Get, get, get out of my face

You got me on the edge of my seat
I’m ready to scream
Ready to knock you out
If you don’t shut your mouth
I’ll give you five more seconds
To shut up and get out
Before it all goes down
Take this warning to heart
I’m not joking around
So get! Get out of my face

I'm sick of all your fake smiles
All your stupid lies
Try to knock me down
But you're only hurting yourself
You're better off just chocking on your tongue

Cause I’ve already turned my back to your lies
Looking away from your ridiculous nightmare
You’re going insane, driving me crazy

Can you tell me what you are
Or where you’ve been
Cause I don’t understand
Just who you are
You’re a liar, deceiver
Then you’re honest
And wanna be my best damn friend
I’m so freaking ov-er it

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal. 

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