Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Those Summer Days

We used to talk for hours
Just sitting in the rain
It was always so perfect
But you always seemed to walk away
Right when it started to get good
And it always tore me apart

You were the one
Who got away
It’s almost like
I never had a choice
It was always too late
I was always too late
But I’ll never forget
Those summer days

We use to kick it
Till the sun came up
Livin like kids
Who never knew what was up
Who never gave a fuck
It was just you and me
Without a care in the world
And it never felt so right
And it always tore me apart
Each day that you would walk away

You were the one
Who got away
It’s almost like
I never had a choice
It was always too late
I was always too late
But I’ll never forget
Those summer days
You made me feel so alive
Like I'd never die
Like we would be forever
I was so high on love
Thought we would never come down
Then you walked away
I'd do anything to go back
Back to those summer days

We use to stay up till the break of dawn
Talk about the most pointless stuff
But we always had fun
We never cared about anything
I wish I could go back
Re-live every word we ever said
You were the one who got away
But I’ll never forget, those summer days

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That Same Old Song (Never Forget You)

Do you remember way back when
We were stuck in the past
In between passing letters
It was all about us
We had nothing to fear
It was now or never
But it never was
And hasn’t been the same
I miss those days
Of just you and me

I’ll just sit here
Playing that same old song
Trying to forget
But it’s just not that easy
It’s a pathetic excuse
But I don’t wanna forget
Anything about you

I’d wait a million years
Just for you
I’d cross the universe on my knees
Just to find you again
If I knew it wouldn’t be in vain
You’d be mine today
But right now…(chorus)

If I ever find you again
Would you run away with me
We could forget the past
And write a brand new story
It sounds cliché
But it’s a promise I’ll never break
Until then….(chorus)

I’ll wait a million years
Until I can’t wait anymore
I’d race across time
If it meant this time was ours
If I ever got the chance
I’d hold you till the day I die
It so cliché, but I promise
It’s a promise I’ll never break
It’s the days I’ll never forget
But if that day never comes
I’ll just sit here playing
This same old song
Until the day I die

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Save Us

(Quiet Voice)
You’re gonna get what you deserve
Watch your back, it won’t be pretty

We’re living in a world where darkness rules
And everything we know, is coming to an end
We’re ruled by the wicked
By the ones who just don’t care
And everything I hate, everything I fear
It’s becoming a reality

Sa-sa-save me, save us
We’re on the fast track to hell
No one’s looking back
No one even sees the reality
And the pain, and the hate
And the scars, and the fears
All the dread and loss of respect
Everything’s coming to an end
Save me, save us

Is this nightmare real
Is it becoming a reality
Oh God, Oh God
Where have you gone
All you’re people
Running in fear
In pain and regret
It’s not a pretty sight
When will we see
That it’s all our fault

We’re hiding in the dark
In the dead of night
Running with the demons
What have we become
They say we weep what we’ve sown
And everything we know
Is just another lie
Oh God, Oh God
Save us, again

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fake Smiles (edited)

I don’t care what you say
What you do
Cause I’m through
With every lie that you say
All the bullshit smiles
It’s making me sick
So get out of my face
Get, get, get out of my face

You got me on the edge of my seat
I’m ready to scream
Ready to knock you out
If you don’t shut your mouth
I’ll give you five more seconds
To shut up and get out
Before it all goes down
Take this warning to heart
I’m not joking around
So get! Get out of my face

I'm sick of all your fake smiles
All your stupid lies
Try to knock me down
But you're only hurting yourself
You're better off just chocking on your tongue

Cause I’ve already turned my back to your lies
Looking away from your ridiculous nightmare
You’re going insane, driving me crazy

Can you tell me what you are
Or where you’ve been
Cause I don’t understand
Just who you are
You’re a liar, deceiver
Then you’re honest
And wanna be my best damn friend
I’m so freaking ov-er it

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stand Up (Start A Riot)

Who says you can’t fight
Who says it’s not our right
Cause I say forget them
We’ll stand till the end of time
The kids unknown
We’re the ones to make a difference

Stand up
Start a riot
Show them
We won’t be quiet
And make it count
Start a revolution!
Cause everywhere I go
Everything I see
It’s all fallin apart
It’s fallin apart
It’s going to hell

I’ll stand alone
If I have to do it on my own
I don’t care
Cause I know I’ll make it
And I hear all of your shit
Of everything I never believed
But that’s all ok
Cause I’m crying “Revolution”
While you cry “Burn in hell”
You’re only damning yourself

I don’t fall in line
Don’t live in the past
Looking for something bright
Hopping it’ll last
We got one more chance
To get this right
So get it right

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stand Back!

They say that we were born to die
That we won’t surive
They say we’ll never be anything
But I’m not giving up that easily

(chorus pt1)
So stand back
And get ready for this
We’re gonna show you
What it means to live
Stand back
Cause I ain’t playin around
It’s time that you
Learn your place

(chorus pt2)
We’re not giving up so easily
We’re weren’t meant to die
This is our time
We’re gonna do more than survive
So stand back

In the long run
You’re just another fool
Another hopeless lunatic
Dazed and confused
I couldn’t care less
I’m not living to die
I’m dying to live!

I’ll stand alone
I’ll make it on my own
Cause I don’t know
Just how to give up
If it only takes one
I’ll never back down

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal. 

Someday (On My Way Out)

(V1) Sometimes I wonder If I'm going anywhere Or if I'm running in circles Sometimes I wonder If any of this will ever change ...