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No Apologies

(Verse1/intro) And for the first time I don’t care what you say And for the first time I’ve got nothing left to say No apologies Never had one in the first place All my sympathy Has gone to hell with rest of you
(Chorus) So here we go again The same old place We’ve always been You’re in the past Choking on the dust I left behind No turning back, not this time No Apologies
(Verse2) No Apologies No sense of respect I’ve got nothing left, for you And that’s how I like it I live my life To live something I’m proud of Go act like a fool With someone who gives a damn I’m gonna have fun And live my life right
(End) Sometimes goodbyes Are the only way to go But today, I have nothing left to say My sympathy has gone and run out And I’m living life for me No regrets, and No Apologies

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.