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Listening (Our Last Stand)

(Verse1) Are you listening? Can you hear us? Because you don’t seem to realize  When we call, when we’re screaming our lungs out You’re leaving us behind Never caring, never ending We’re all alone We’re all just about done
(Chorus) We’re fending for ourselves Trying to breathe When we’re left out in the cold All alone Looking for a way out Of this hell We’re fighting for our lives Running out of time Screaming our hearts out And you’re not even listening
(Verse2) It’s a disaster, I know It’s a war of the unknown So grab your weapons tonight We fight at twilight
(Verse3) Face the facts You’re out done Falling behind You’re ignorance Will be your deathbed We’re screaming our lungs out Only to fall on deaf ears Not even listening This is our last stand
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Eclipse (Remember The Simple Things)

(Verse1) We’re always searching for peace Everything right in front of us Too damn blind to see We’re doin’ just fine Just gotta breathe Once in a while Slow down and block out the rest Just remember the simple things
(Chorus) We figure it out What it’s all about Then we’re gone So just forget the pain Let it wash away With the rain Leave it behind Because we don’t Have too much time Let it go out With the sun

(Verse2) Let the sun fade out Let it go down with the rest It shows us who we are Who we’re supposed to be How far gone we are How far we have to run So we don’t miss another mark We have to Remember the simple things
(Verse3) I’m watching the sun burn out It’s slowly fading now As we let our hope go with We slowly go out with the rest Block it out Because the pain never really goes away
(End) Play me song And I’ll give you a thought Forget the pain Because it always rains It’ll get washed away And you’ll move on, eventually Just remember the simple things
©2012 All Rights Res…

Left It All Behind (Letter Never Sent)

(Verse1) I wrote a letter Never sent Words so bold But I threw it away Couldn’t bear the cold I just let it burn
(Chorus) I walked away from you Cause I know it wouldn’t last It wouldn’t be worth the time I didn’t wanna waste any time Don’t hate me when I say I fell in love with you But I left that all behind Because it wouldn’t last
(Verse2) Days flew by Turning into months Long gone Never felt so wasted But we slipped away It fell apart Left for dead in the past Like the letter all burned up
(Bridge) I wrote a letter Never sent Every single feeling I’ve ever had Left wasted Burned to ashes I left it all behind
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Walk Away [explicit]

(Verse1) Tell me what the fuck Did you expect When you told me to leave Did you think we were still friends Cause you left me for dead Cursed my name to Hell Thinking I would forget And now you need that body bag More than I ever did
(Chorus)  So just walk away Leave this behind Cause you’re a different person When this door closes I’m gonna walk away And leave you behind Cause it’s all so clear Behind these closed doors So just walk away Yeahh, walk away
(Verse2) You use to be the only one You use to be my only friend And now it’s just over Left for dead Waiting to waste away
(Bridge) I’m over it The fuck I had Just disappeared And now it’s gone Just like you When you thought I’d forget That you cursed my name to hell
(End) Grab your body bag And just walk away Leave this behind Cause you’re just Not worth it anymore
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

One Last Day In Paradise

(Verse1) Hopeless days And reckless nights A time of rest A time of fight Never knowing When to quit This is where we end Where we begin
(Bridge) Let the stars fall down Fall in to peace Let it make the sound The sound of unity
(Chorus) I know its hard to remember Way back when And how things use to be The peace we once knew The dream we wanted to live The hate that was just a myth It was life in paradise I’d give anything Just to go back For one more day One last day in paradise
(verse2) There was a time Everything was alright And I thought we wouldn’t forget How to live How to keep things right But we failed We fell apart We hit the ground so hard We couldn’t get back up
(Bridge2) Let the stars fall down Remind us of the peace We all once knew And bring it back To where we belong
(verse3) There was a time When hate didn’t exist When fear was another myth We were reckless And didn’t give a shit It was time When we lived in paradise
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

These Voices (I'm Not Insane)

(Verse1) I feel this city breathing at night When I start to lose my mind I’m not insane I tell myself But I can’t shake these voices Hiding in my head Cause they’re driving me To insanity
(Chorus) Wake me up when I die Don’t let me slip away From these crimes From all these lies And all my faults I know I keep saying I’m not insane But I’m not far off Of being alright
(Verse2) I’ve had these dreams For a while And I’m not giving up At least not now But everything in me is saying I can’t make it Can I make it? I’ve been learning how to fight But I can’t fight myself These voices are taking over But I keep saying I’m not insane
(Ending) I feel this city breathing at night As I start to lose my mind I can’t shake these voices In my head As it all starts to fade away The cloudy sky Turning from gray I know it’ll be alright, alright
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Never Give Up

(Verse1) Days go by And I still can’t see the light A way to get out Of this hell we’re in It’s draining the life Out of my skin
I’ve always done What I’ve been told And I’m starting give Less of a damn, every day Waiting to scream And get everything out
(Chorus) I’m watching these streets flood Full of hate and fear Watching these gloves come off To live to fight another day It’s the war we’re in Full of liars and saints And a bunch of fools Living in misery This is where it end This is where we stand our ground Never back down
(Verse2) Another night Another falling star Fighting an impossible war But never giving up Fading away in this hell Giving up, every last breath To this cause It’s what I believe This is where I stand my ground Never giving up
(Bridge) Tell me one more time That I can’t make this right Knock me down To fill your own twisted desire But I’ll be standing here Waiting to prove you wrong Waiting to show you What a real nightmare is
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Nea…

Cold and Heartless Monster

(Verse1) I’ve been writing a story All about heroes and monsters And the devil in your skin You think you hide it so well Like a light in the middle of the night But it’s just pathetic, you’re whole existence Devastating, but you think it’s just so perfect As you hide away in hell You’re slowly falling apart
(Chorus) And it’s all downhill from here As you’re picked apart You’re begging for mercy But it’s another story That’ll be, left untold Cause you’re so cold and heartless Nothing but an animal You’ll just rot away
(Verse2) It all falls apart Just like you planned But you act Like it never was Killing and destroying You wonder why you’re all alone When the darker side of you Wins every time you fight You’ll always be just a monster
(Ending) I see the demon hiding in your eyes Darkness that consumes your heart You’re slowly falling apart Just a lonely hypocrite Will you ever know love? Will you ever kill the beast? Cause all you are Is just another monster Hiding away in the dark

Good At Goodbyes

(Verse1) I’m getting good at goodbyes I’m getting good at walking away Cause I know I can’t put up with this I know it won’t be worth it in the long run And I know I won’t be here for much longer
(Chorus) So say goodbye To the good times All the fun We thought we had It was worth it But not for long We’ve grown apart Had our differences Won’t forget anything But now’s the time To say goodbye
(Verse2) I’m getting good at letting this go I’m getting good at getting rid of everything So let me be, me. Let me live my dreams Let me walk away from everything Cause I know I never needed this And I know I won’t be here for much longer
(Bridge) I’m gonna miss you, I know But I can’t live with you anymore We gotta move on And do whats right Even if it doesn't seem like it
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Lies And Fairytales

(Verse1) Those fairtale endings Don’t exist It’s a fake, it’s a lie They’re all a hoax Nothing but Broken dreams
(Chorus pt1) Kid you better grow up Learn what it’s all about We live in a world Built on lies With new ways To bring you down With new ways To put you on the ground
(Chorus pt2) Keep your head up high Remember what’s right It might be a lie But you know There’s hope somewhere In this broken world
We call home We’ve gotta keep Keep our heads up high
(Verse2) I kind of think That this won’t get any better All these lies Will never stop It’s a false hope Empty dreams We’re broken But say we’re living
(Chorus Pt1/2*)
(Bridge) These fairtale endings Don’t exist It’s a lie Filled with broken dreams
(Chorus pt2/end)
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

How To Live

(Verse1) I’m stuck in a metronome Freaking out I don’t know where to go Gotta get away right now Gotta figure this thing out Without a break down
(Verse2) Break down the stereo Turn out the lights And just breathe for a while I wanna live in the moment Pray that it’s not The same damn thing everyday I hope it’s not too late To be, who I wanna be
(Chorus) Run into the darkness Settle down And take it all in All the surroundings And just breathe Like it’s the last breath I’ll ever take in Give me some time To learn how to live again Get out of this rut I wanna feel like I’m alive
(Bridge) The waves crash down The stars falling out The midnight air Slowly breathing in This is where I wanna be Right in the middle Of paradise I wanna learn how to live again
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Not Coming Back

After all this hell You put me through I’m not coming back to you Call me a fake Call me a liar Say it’s a bluff And that I’ll be back tomorrow But you’ll be dead Before you ever see my face again I’m not coming back
You see my friends They’re looking down at you Watching as you fall And stumble across the ground It’s just pathetic You’re not even worth my time of day So get a life
You were a friend Someone I could always count on Turned around for a second And you’ve changed so much All I have left to say is So long! Farewell! You’ll be choking on the dust As I pull out of the street Out of your hopeless view
Cause you’re a fake You’re a liar It’s not a bluff You’ll be dead tomorrow But don’t regret it And don’t forget your bodybag Cause I’m not coming back You’ll never see my face again No! I’m not coming back!
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Young And Hopeless

(Verse1) I’ve got nothing to say To all the fakes All the hypocrites Who claim We’re the same No different from all The other dreamers Well they don’t know, anything
(Verse2) Don’t worry About a thing We bring them hell We’ll raise it up Till they have Nothing left to say
(Chorus) We are reckless We’re young and hopeless Take what we need Leave behind the rest Cause we’re fearless Young and reckless Baby, take my hand And it’ll be all okay
(Verse3) I can’t help it But feel like I’m talkin to a wall When you’re around It’s killin me slowly Breaking me down I’m ready break out Break out
(Chorus*) (Bridge) We’ve got one shot Nothing more We’ll give them hell And make it last Cause we are Who we are And we’re not Backing down
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

A Million Stories

(Verse1) Do you ever feel Like you can’t wake up From a nightmare From this hell Stuck in the past Too much going on Nothing left to cast
(Chorus) I can write a million stories A million different ways It wouldn't change a thing It’s still filled with this hate The walls are breaking down This whole place Falling apart This can’t be the end
(Verse2) These pictures on the walls Don’t mean anything, anymore You broke them all When your heart changed When the leaves decided To change and fall Will we ever wake up From this nightmare
(Verse3) Have you lost your soul Is the faith you use to breathe Gone away? Stuck in the past Never ending nightmare Nothing left to cast Can’t wake up from this hell

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Forgotten Heroes and Falling Stars

(Verse1) Do you see me standin here? Six feet under I’m barely breathing Someone left me here, all alone Was I forgotten
(Chorus) Can’t seem to get a sound out Am I really breathing Or just freaking out Getting ready to break down I can’t stand it here Don’t wanna go there Let’s bring this whole place down To the ground I need a change
(Verse2) Where did the faith go All heroes are gone Can’t seem to find love anywhere And we’re all running in fear Don’t wanna live like this forever
(Bridge) The stars are falling from the sky The sun is slowly burning out And we’re left here all alone Are we living now?
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Let Me Breathe

(Verse1) I’m a dreamer I’m a fighter I’m another f*cking monster Learning everyday Just what the hell I want It’s gonna take some time
(Chorus) Let me breathe for a second See everything I need to see I just need to figure this out Cause I know, you can’t bring me down And I know, everything that happens Can only make me stronger So get out of my way and let me breathe
(Verse2)  Reaching for the stars Making a dream come true I need this to last If it don’t, I won’t know what to do Cause it’s everything I am Everything I can never lose
(Bridge) I live in a masquerade A phase to everyone else Who don’t know who I am Cause I’m dreamer I’m a fighter Another monster like the rest Trying to figure out Just what the hell I need

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Never Let It Die!

Is this who I’m supposed to be Everything I am Is it all on the right track Going where I wanna be Because sometimes It doesn’t feel right Others it’s right Where I wanna be
(Chorus) Everything is so different Changing like a race against time With nowhere to stand It’s time to move it or be lost Stop thinking Cause it’s never clear What’s the point Unless it’s written out Just gotta make it last Make it everything That you want it to be Never let it die!
(Verse2) This is the test of time A way of life Everything we’ve come to know Fear of everything and nothing at all It doesn’t always feel right But it’s just what we do
(Bridge) Sinking in the night All alone Asking the same damn questions Every single second Is this who I’m supposed to be Is this everything I’ve ever wanted?
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.


(Verse1) We’re still breathing Heart is still beating Living like we’re dead tomorrow Going out with a fighting chance We’re still alive We’re still fighting
(Chorus) If you scream just a little bit louder I’ll sing till my voice is gone We'll get out what we’re living for What we’re dreaming of Break out in a riot Break free from the masquerade We’ll go out fighting Cause we don’t go down so easily
(Verse2) This world is ours to conquer Safe to lose control Creating something new It’s the stories of our lives It’s the way we live It’s who we are It’s what makes us, Invincible
(*Chorus)  (Bridge) I don’t wanna forget who I am Never forget where I come from A life full of fight A life full of love Friends and family It’s what I’ve become And it’s who we are And we are invincible
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Goodbye Today (Thanks For Nothing)

(Verse1) You can keep all your dirty little lies And all the games you try play with my mind Cause I’m not stickin around I’m not dealing your shit anymore You can go get a life Or you can go and burn in hell I won’t care any other way I just want you to get out of my way
(Chorus) Can I say what I need for a change Can I get out every single line I have left to say I can’t quite say that I’m hurt Cause I’ve seen this coming for a long time Watching everything fall apart at the seems Everyone trying to be something else It’s not worth it anymore To put up with all the lies Dying fools and hypocrites But thanks for nothing And goodbye today
(Verse2) It’s been years in the making And it’s always seemed fine Never expected you to change But I guess you’ve been the same all along Another dirty rat stuck in the past Only there for yourself Yeah, you’re just like the rest Never learned how to grow up Or care for the ones who were always there Do us all a favor.. and go to hell
(Bridge) Keep a…

Heart Stops Beating (Stupid Love Song take2)

I’m outside your window
Throwing pebbles
Trying to get your attention
You came out
10 minutes later

We went driving
For an hour or two
We’re running around this park
In the middle of the night
Hoping the cops don’t catch us
With so much left to say

If I could I would give you everything
If I wasn’t so nervous
I’d say what you mean to me
Your beautiful and deserve more than me


Even if my heart stops beating tonight I’ll scream it from the roof tops Standing on top of the world I’ll get out everything I have to say Even if we run out of time I promise nothing will stop me this time I’ll finish this stupid love song
(Verse2) I’ll make this another Romeo and Juliet story So overrated but I don’t care I’m standing outside your window tonight Throwing pebbles to get your attention Hoping you’ll go out with me We can just drive around for hours
(Verse3) We just don’t give a fuck We just don’t care We’re running away Getting out of this town Trying to ma…

Stupid Love Song

(verse1) I’m outside your window Throwing pebbles Trying to get your attention You came out 10 minutes later
We went driving For an hour or two We’re running around this park In the middle of the night Hoping the cops don’t catch us With so much left to say
(Bridge) If I could I would give you everything If I wasn’t so nervous I’d say what you mean to me Your beautiful and deserve more than me
(Chorus) I’m standing outside your window Throwing pebbles and writing stupid love songs Hoping that I don’t get caught I just wanna spend, one more night with you So let’s hope in the car going anywhere Drive around till the break of dawn I’ll try and impress you With my nerdiness And pray to God you don’t walk away Let’s just have the time of our lives
(Verse2) Let’s take off Forget about everyone Let’s go on And hope we get out alive I wanna show you the world Don’t care how cliché I sound Just wanna brave enough To tell you what you mean to me Even if it sounds like Another stupid love song


We Don't Owe Them Anything

(Verse1) Let’s go on a road trip Get out of town for a while Let’s get away from everyone We never cared about Cause they don’t even matter Let’s discover the world For what it is Discover who we are And everything that’s a lie Cause not everything can be right
(Chorus) Let’s go, jump off a bridge Leave with no regrets No apologies to anyone We don’t owe them anything Let’s just, get away for a while Give them time to forget about us We don’t want them To remember anything So they know We don’t own them anything
(Verse2) It’s all the same in this stupid town A bunch of drama and nobodies Are the only ones around It’s not ever worth Being here So let’s get out of here
(*Chorus) (Bridge) Nothing ever changes here Everyone is all the same And it’s killing me Spending another second here With a bunch of nobodies We owe nothing to

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

We Are Catastrophe!

(Intro. Verse) We are, we are the ones Who never learned to shut up We are, we are the ones Too crazy for the mainstream Yeah, we are catastrophe
(Verse) We never learned How to quit Don’t know how to let go We go hard And never go home The kids unknown Never stop
(Chorus) They started a war That they can’t finish Left us all in hell Thinking that would stop us But we don’t know How to be quiet And we don’t know How to quit We’re just living for today Cause we’re not giving up, not giving up We’re here to end This pointless war Cause we are catastrophe
(Bridge) We’re the ones still standing We’re the ones never quitting Speaking our minds, speaking the truth Too crazy for the mainstream We go hard and never go home The kids unknown never stop Cause we are catastrophe!
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.


(Intro) If I could see what you see in me If I could see what it’s all about If I could see your face Maybe it’d be worth it
(Verse1) Stuck in a day dream Trying to figure it all out With a million questions I’m fading out I’ve got a lot of my mind And it’s not going away What left do I have to say
(Chorus) I wanna see a light That doesn’t just pass by I wanna see hope In the darkest place Give me a reason to live Not another one to hide I want this to be my awakening
(Verse2) Fighting to be alive Living in fear With nowhere to run Stuck on the outside I’m still looking in Facing the unseen And what’s already been What left do I have to say
(Chorus 2) I wanna see a light That doesn’t just pass by I wanna see love That’s all around I wanna see something That’s real I want a reason to live Not another one to hide I want this to be my awkening
(Bridge) Standing still In my darkest place It’s everything I fear And all alone Hope is fading away All the faith has gone away I just want to see y…

Break Free, Renegade! (This Is War)

(Verse1) Forsaken years ago It’s too late to be saved It’s time to change This is war This is who we are We’re standing up With these arms This is a warning For everyone We’re not giving up We’re standing for our belief This is war
(Verse2) Forgive me For what I’m about to do I’m not going to apologize Cause it’s what I believe in Just a renegade Flying off the handle Don’t think this through Don’t think it out
(Chorus) They say it’s never too late be saved But we’re already gone Off in another light Cause we know what’s wrong with everything And the big picture is just another lie We’ve been fooled not once But too many times And I’ve had enough It’s time for war It’s time for the renegades to break free
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Falling Down

(Verse1)) I’m just trying to find The right words, to say The key that I want all of this in I’m just trying to find The right path to follow The right way to go While everyone says Follow your heart But I’m not sure How much farther that’ll take me How much farther I can go Cause home is where the heart is Well that’s far from where I’ll ever be
(Chorus) I just wanna be free I just wanna be me Getaway from this hostility Cause it’s just killin me Slowly, it’s all fading away So fast, it’s all passing by And I can’t, seem to get by To get by all of this I just wanna be free
 (Verse2) It’s a prison behind these four walls It’s a crash site for all to fall When every path leads to another hole When every way turns to another dead end It’s a miracle that we’re still a live  (*chorus)
(Verse3) The sun is falling down Everyone is just fading out And this smoke is just making me blind Harder to find all the right words to say The right path to take Cause home is where the heart is But I’m not…

An Arsenal, The Redeemed

(Verse1) Go on and scream Just let it out Don’t let them hold you down Show them there’s still blood Pumping through these veins Just make it count
(Tag) Put your rock fist up
(Chorus) This is war, not another game This is life or death Nothing in between We hold our own Cause we’ve learned what is best We are an arsenal We are not afraid We fight for what is right We are not the damned But the redeemed
(Verse2) Put your war paint on All the battle gear in place We will hold our ground We won’t back down We won’t bow till we’re dead Show them that there’s still Blood pumping in these veins Just make it count
(*Tag) (*Chorus) (Bridge) We are falling down But we’re not giving up We still got some hope to stand on I’ll guess your last thought And prove you wrong We’ll guess one last thought And prove it wrong

©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.


(Verse1)  Can you hear me, still Should I be silenced Or a little bit louder Where do we go from here
(Chorus) I just wanna scream Let all the noise out Till I can’t make another sound I just wanna let it all go So there is nothing left I’ll make my point eventually Just let me scream Just let me be If it could last forever We wouldn’t be here We’ll let it all out In one big scream
(Verse2) It’s been downhill for years Trying to figure out this up and up But it doesn’t seem to work A story to my life Another record on repeat Somehow I wish I could know everything But it wouldn’t mean a thing No it wouldn’t mean anything
(*Chorus)  (Verse3/Bridge) Lost in space Like I don’t exist I swear there’s something there To know I’m not alone Still the same old kid Still screaming my lungs out Still living this life Making it everything I can My love, my heart Still growing strong
(Ending Chorus) Scream! Scream it like you mean it Let out all the noise Let go of everything I don’t wanna have anythin…

Just Another Fake! (Revenge)

(Verse) I don’t play games like you do I don’t try to cat like it’s about me And I refuse to deal with the drama that you’re all about Cause they’re all just a waste of time Not of it is even worth my time
(Chorus) Yeah you sing Yeah I scream Not much difference Just one is fake And it’s not me Try to make it real Try to make it last You’re the definition of what’s untrue And you don’t even care Or put forth any effort to change It’s a little pathetic And it’s all downhill from here You’ve got a lot to learn                 
(Verse2)  Everything you say Every little look you make Is just making me sick Just the way you act Like it’s all about you I don’t understand Why you gotta be Another waste of time just another fake
(Bridge) You’ve got a lot to answer for All the crimes you’ve ever committed It’s all going down tonight No this isn’t war But it seems a lot like revenge Done by demons hiding away in the night Just like the devil in control of everything This isn’t the en…

The Reckless (Life As We Know It)

(Verse1) We live, and we die But when was the last time Anyone did anything radical It’s got me going crazy Trying to figure it out It’s like watching a bunch of mindless robots And that’s not how we’re supposed to be
(Chorus) I wanna be reckless Live like I’m still alive I’m gonna be fearless Like the kid facing a ghost Or all the monster under the bed I’m not gonna back down Cause giving up is for the dead I wanna change this life as I know it
(Verse2) The moon is high in the sky And everyone is sleeping like the dead It’s just a little bit ridiculous Lets show them we’re still alive That being reckless is just apart of life
(Bridge) You’re backing down Still afraid of the moon light Hiding away in the corner Like it’s the end of your life But we’re just beginning to finally live
(Ending Chorus) Let’s become the reckless Live like we’re still alive Become a little more fearless Like the kid facing a ghost Or the monsters under the bed Cause giving up is for the dead! We’re the reckle…

Don't Forget (The Reckless)

(Verse) It’s been years since we were small It’s been awhile since everything went down Since it all went to hell Now we’re all grown up And we’re supposed to be adults But that doesn’t mean shit to me Still that same old kid Trying to figure this all out Still trying to figure Who I’m supposed to be
(pre chorus) But if we don’t look back What do we have to regret
(Chorus pt1) Did you forget when we said We’d never give up When we said We’d never fall apart When we said We would never give in To all these hopeless lies Did you forget when we said We would never forget What it took, to get this far It took us everything that we had

(chorus pt2) We had it all Once upon a time Spent it all Just to get this far And it still didn’t mean a thing We gave it all Just to get this far And all this time We said we will never give this up Don’t forget
(Bridge) They called us reckless Said we would never get this far We’re not worth anything To anyone in this town But I still have this song I sti…

Kill Me In The Record Shop (Love Me Till I'm Dead)

(Chorus) Kill me in the record shop Kiss me, baby, till I’m dead Cause you’re everything I need Everything I could ever want Even though you’re just a dirty pop chick And I’m a punk rock kid Tell me what’s the difference? Cause I don’t see one Just kill me in the record shop Love me till I’m dead!
(Verse1) Drop the beat now Bring in that bass line tight I’ll bring my guitar You just bring who you are We’ll have the time of our lives We’ll bring this roof on down Who’s gonna stop us From breaking in this record shop It’s just another love story Gone just a little bit crazy
(Verse2) Take my hand come dance with me We’ll make this our song Won’t let anyone bring us down Cause we broke in this record shop We might as well make the best of it Cause it’s just you and me No one else in this room tonight Just don’t you dare say goodbye
(Bridge) We’re goin a little bit crazy On another love story But that is just who are The kids unknown Baby, we’re the kids in love
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryn…

Looking For Answers

(Verse1) We build our lives Upon lies Thinking we’d learn to cope But we’re only Fooling ourselves Falling behind We’re just stuck in the past Having an identity crisis Wondering what the hell is next
(Chorus) And it makes me feel so fake To say I don’t give a damn But how am I am supposed to cope When this world just brings So much pain, so much hate It leaves me broken Without a clue or a hint I’m still looking for the answers
(Verse2) I never know what’s gonna happen And I’m always on the edge of my seat Standing here with a million and one questions, breathless But that’s what makes this life worth everything Or that’s just what I am told I just wanna know what am I waiting for?
(Verse3) I’m told home is where the heart is But I'm still trying to find it And it makes me nervous
Not knowing anything But I guess I’m still working things out I just wish it was easier than this
(Bridge/End) We live in a place where no one belongs Just helpless, hopeless people Wondering around with n…

Another Hopeless Story (Say Goodbye)

(Verse1) Chapter one We started off great The best of friends Thought we had it all figured out But we were nothing more Never thought I’d be here But the friend zone sucks
(Chorus) I wanna scream Ask you why But it wouldn't change the fact That I didn’t have a chance You set me up to fail Just one big ass flirt And it just kills me To know that you’re not mine I guess I’ll just stand here And say goodbye
(Verse2) The next chapter hits And it never seems to fail She’s gone away On the arm of some other boy Now I’ve got to fake it Act like I don’t care Like it doesn’t hurt Seeing you with him I’m left out in the cold Acting like it’s all ok And it’s driving me crazy
(Tag) It’s another summer spent alone Another day I wish I had someone else (repeat 2x)
(end) Just another hopeless story I guess I’ll just say goodbye
©2012 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.