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Up Against The Wall

Can you see me, here
Can you hear me, scream
I'm facing every fear
Every single tear
It's not a game
This is real
Is this what life is all about
I wear this smile
Like a mask
So believable
But its just an act

Gotta make it loud
Cause no body's there
Gotta make it last
Cause this is all that I have
Trying to get out of here
I'm all out of breath
And there's no way out
I'm up against the wall

It's all just a big noise
In the back of my head
Nothing is right
And the rest is just insane
Am I alright
Or just going crazy
Can you hear me now

Hey! I'm screaming out
Just another kid
Trying not to doubt
But it's just too damn hard
Cause no body's there

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.
This article argues how social networking, started off to be innocent, but got completely blown out of proportion. Today a  ton of people use Social networking sites to share quite a bit of personal information. Twitter for example, you are constantly updating your "status" per-say to tell your "followers" what you are doing at all times of the day. This is referred to as "Micro-blogging." Facebook is another site just like this. Only on Facebook you are sharing, religious views, interests, political views, sex, sexual orientation, an "all about me" section, phone number, email address, ect. That list barely scratches the top of everything you are expected to share. Now business have taken access to these social networks for an idea of what type of person they are hiring. They are looking at all of this person information that is never asked for in an interview. It is also argued that these sites are taking more and more away from a personal eng…
Music programs are one of the most important concepts in school to hold the rest of the academics together. It has been proven to work with behavior, elevate moods, increase brain power, and has a stress reliever. Money should not matter when it comes to the well being of the students academic life. Although money is a minor set back, fundraising can be done through bake sells, concerts both band and choir, and any other type of fundraiser through these tough times. Music has been here since the beginning of man kind and will live on in the bloodstreams while bettering humans as more secrets to music and the brain are unlocked.
Since the very beginning of time music has helped form who mankind is today,
and should continue on in such a way that it is taught. From the days of the cavemen, all
the way to Mozart and Beethoven, and the twenty-first century, music has taught humans
well and helped keep most everything intact. The retention is meant to teach, and not
    There's not much recorded of the early days of man kind, besides all of the cave
drawings, but we do know that music has been in the blood stream with all the beats that
have been passed down from generation to generation. Music motivated the soldier's in
every war. It was not much, just a drum and a flute, but it kept the soldier's moving in
such a way that all wars were won. Music helped them stay motivated to work on what
they needed to accomplish, and accomplish it well.
    The effect that music has on most is positive. Music helps develop useful skills, provides personal satisfaction, and is a stress relie…
Thesis: Since the very beginning of time music has helped form who mankind is today, and should continue on in such a way that it is taught. 

Ebie, Brian D. An Investigation of Secondary School Students' Self-Reported    
      Reasons for Extracurricular Musical and Athletic Activities. Vol. 3. N.p.:    
      University of Arizona, 2005. Web. 7 Sept. 2011.

    The reason for this source was to go through and do a study with asking individuals who are involved in extracurricular activities. Specifically music, and sports. On the musical side of things, its going through students nation wide and asking them why they are involved in music for an after school activity for school. Most of the time their reasons were to be involved and to hang out with friends while playing music like in band class. They also answered that it does help them with school work and other activities and studies in school.
    Yes it is a very useful source, and along with comparing it to the other sou…

Thanks For Everything And Nothing At All!

Does it hurt to hear me say
I'm glad I walked away
Does it hurt to hear me say
I don't think I'm ever coming back
Cause it hurts for me to think about it
But it's over, and there's nothing left to believe in

Face down in the ground again
Feeling like this whole thing was just a joke
You gotta tell if you ever cared
Was this ever real
Because I'm beginning to think it was aother lie

The stories ended
And I figured you out
You're all about the head games
And it' s just a joke with you
You're just like every other girl
A walking stereotype
I want nothing to deal with
Let me just tell you how it goes
There's no happy ending  to this story

I don't really expect you to know
Exactly how I feel
Because it's a long story anyways
One that never has a happy ending
And I know that we're only human
But that's no excuse
For all of this bullshit

You took off like a jet plane
And I bet everything you never cared
Cause you were gone so fast