Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raise A Glass (Here's To A New Year)

Here’s to a new year
Here’s to forgetting the past
Here’s to the memories
That will always last
I’m ready start something new
Ready to make a year
That actually means something

Raise a glass to the sky
Toast to a new year
And the old that has died
It’s a time we’ll never forget
Praying to God
It’s the best one of my life
Cause this all that we have
Everything else has gone away
So raise a glass to the sky
And live it up right

Here’s to all shit
We made it through
Still alive, but died a little inside
Forget about the time
That we spent in misery
Forget about everything
That killed us a little bit more
Here’s to the memories
That made us who we are

We all lost something
That meant more to us
We all lost that someone
We thought was ours
But that’s all apart of the past
The part I want to forget
If we made it through
A year of hell
We can make it through anything

And even though
It was a year to forget
We would be who we are
Without all of that shit
So here’s to everything
That made us who are
And the future
That will either make us, or break us
It’s all about who we’ve become
And how far we have made it
So raise a glass and toast to a new year
Here’s to the memories that will always last

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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