Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Misery (Goodbye Old Year)

It’s 2 AM and I just can’t sleep
Counting every single star
All the tears in the sky
And I’m beginning to see
It’s never gonna work
I just have too much on my mind
Too much left to drive me insane

I’ve got a lot on my mind
There’s nothing new about that
Still hope that someday
I’ll figure this shit out
Get it together
And just call it good

Wasn’t looking for misery
But she found me
It’s been a long, long year
And for some reason
I’m not calling it quits
No, not just yet
But I still wanna
All I want to do, is scream

Goodbye, old year
Hope you die and go to hell
I wish I could say
It was one well spent
But this one
I wish I never had at all
It’s killing me
Knowing you ever existed
Cause deep inside
You make me wanna die

Still facing every year
Every single tear
They aren’t going away
No matter how hard I try
I don’t think
I could ever let go

Throw it all away
Every single day
Spent in misery
I just wanna forget it all
It never meant much to me
Still so much to say
Goodbye old year
Wish I could say it was
One well spent
But you know the rest

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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