Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Story Without An Ending

I wish this was just like a dream
Cause it’d be just you and me
From here until the end
Nothing would ever stand in our way
And you’re all that I want
All that I can see
If this was a dream
Then it wouldn’t be hell
And we would have all that we need
It’s just you and me
Before you say anything
Just hear me out

I’ll be your king
If you’ll be my queen
Baby we can rule this world
And I’ll never leave your side
I don’t care if this is over said
But I’ll be your Romeo
Would you be my Juliet?
Cause you’re all that I want, tonight
All that I want forever more

There’s something about
Every second I’m by your side
It just doesn’t seem real
But maybe I’m just pessimistic
With not enough optimism
Cause you’re all that I want
All I can think about
How I wish this isn’t a dream!
But Reality

Just give me your hand
Promise you’ll never leave
Girl, just you and me
We can live out our dreams
This could be our story
Without an ending

 ©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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