Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scattered Dreams

Scattered dreams
Driving me crazy
And I’m getting no where
Something’s gotta give
Cause I need this more than anything
This has got to be real

I swear I’ll live for every moment
Won’t waste a single second
If it doesn’t exist
I’ll make it real
Because this is everything I need
Anything that has ever seemed so true
And I want you by my side
Every single step along the way
We’ll make our dreams come true
Even if just for us
I need you here
Cause I wouldn’t have it any other way

Do you hear that sound
Our time is running out
These pages are turning way too fast
It’s all out of hand
And these scattered dreams
Are all that I see
Something has gotta give
Before this world crashes down
Cause this is everything I need
And so much more

 We live and we fall
But I’ll keep holdin on
With every single breathe I take
I’ll make this real
We live and we fall
But I’ll keep moving on
Give everything I have
Just to make everything last
Cause I need this more than anything
This dream can’t just stay in the past

I’ll make this last
I’ll make this real
Cause it’s all I have
I won’t let this go

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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