Monday, October 31, 2011

So Goodnight (A Letter Goodbye)

We don’t see eye to eye anymore
And we’ve drifted so far apart
Not the same kids we use to be
And part of me doesn’t give a damn
But the rest just wants you back around
It’s a vicious circle, will it ever end

We said goodbye
What seems like a long time ago
You drove away
And I haven’t heard from you since
I still wonder if you think of me
I still wonder if you’re doin alright
It would be nice if you just said hi

It doesn’t happen often
But tonight I’m thinking of you
What happened to the kid I once knew
It’s been months since I heard from you
Didn’t think that much could change
But now we’re worlds apart
And part of me just doesn’t give a damn
The rest still wants you back around

It still seems like we said goodbye
Before the words ever left our mouths
Walked away, a long time ago
We’re just not the kids we use to be
So goodnight, goodnight
I still hope everything is just fine
Goodnight, goodnight
Here's a letter goodbye

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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