Up Against The Wall

Can you see me, here
Can you hear me, scream
I'm facing every fear
Every single tear
It's not a game
This is real
Is this what life is all about
I wear this smile
Like a mask
So believable
But its just an act

Gotta make it loud
Cause no body's there
Gotta make it last
Cause this is all that I have
Trying to get out of here
I'm all out of breath
And there's no way out
I'm up against the wall

It's all just a big noise
In the back of my head
Nothing is right
And the rest is just insane
Am I alright
Or just going crazy
Can you hear me now

Hey! I'm screaming out
Just another kid
Trying not to doubt
But it's just too damn hard
Cause no body's there

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.


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