Monday, September 5, 2011

Thanks For Everything And Nothing At All!

Does it hurt to hear me say
I'm glad I walked away
Does it hurt to hear me say
I don't think I'm ever coming back
Cause it hurts for me to think about it
But it's over, and there's nothing left to believe in

Face down in the ground again
Feeling like this whole thing was just a joke
You gotta tell if you ever cared
Was this ever real
Because I'm beginning to think it was aother lie

The stories ended
And I figured you out
You're all about the head games
And it' s just a joke with you
You're just like every other girl
A walking stereotype
I want nothing to deal with
Let me just tell you how it goes
There's no happy ending  to this story

I don't really expect you to know
Exactly how I feel
Because it's a long story anyways
One that never has a happy ending
And I know that we're only human
But that's no excuse
For all of this bullshit

You took off like a jet plane
And I bet everything you never cared
Cause you were gone so fast
Left me wondering if it was worth it
Or just a wast of my time
Thanks for everything and nothing at all

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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