Friday, September 16, 2011

    Since the very beginning of time music has helped form who mankind is today,
and should continue on in such a way that it is taught. From the days of the cavemen, all
the way to Mozart and Beethoven, and the twenty-first century, music has taught humans
well and helped keep most everything intact. The retention is meant to teach, and not
    There's not much recorded of the early days of man kind, besides all of the cave
drawings, but we do know that music has been in the blood stream with all the beats that
have been passed down from generation to generation. Music motivated the soldier's in
every war. It was not much, just a drum and a flute, but it kept the soldier's moving in
such a way that all wars were won. Music helped them stay motivated to work on what
they needed to accomplish, and accomplish it well.
    The effect that music has on most is positive. Music helps develop useful skills, provides personal satisfaction, and is a stress reliever. According to a survey conducted by elementary schools and high schools, students who were taught music and had a developed interest in it, academically performed far better than those who were not taught music (Rampur 1). These students have all proved that music has helped develop a higher interest for them, and most are able to connect music to something taught in school for remembrance. Music education in schools also benefits the student emotionally, as a majority of students are satisfied and happy about learning music or playing a musical instrument (Rampur 1). This leads most to believe that music helps keep a stable balance between their attitudes, behaviors, and academic behaviors.

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