Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Heart Break!

(Chorus pt1)
Just another summer heartbreak
And another day to wipe off the calender
Thought that you were the one
But you're just a bitch like the rest of them

We started off great
Had it all going on
Thought we were meant to be
But you turned that all around
And now it's a he said, she said
Just a bullshit moment
A regret that's at the top of my list
And I just wan't you out of my face!

(Chorus pt2)
Now get out of my face
Out of my way
I never wanna see you again
I thought we had it all
Like we were meant to be, forever
But you're just, another summer heart break

I'm over this shit
Over all of your crap
Girl, you gotta go
You were all that was on my mind
But eventually you drove me crazy
And I can't believe we even lasted this long
Only God know's how it worked
With you tearing my heart out
Every second you got

I just stayed around long enough
To see how it would end
But you were.....

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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