Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Generation

Destined to fall
In the brightest days
The walking dead
Blind in everything
Damned to darkness
For eternity
Justice does not exist in this place

We were, we were
Destined for more than this
Lost in darkness
But found in light
This is, this is
Our freedom
Found by love
On the cross
We're saved

Break, break, break
Down these walls
With all that we've got
Standing against the flow
They say, we'll never do it
The say, we'll never get anywhere
But I say, their words never meant anything

We're saved
And I say
It's ok
To be undignified
Don't let their words
Get to you
Be radical

Stand up
Cry out
Share His love
Never back down
This is
Who we are
The generation
To change it all

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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