Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Wishful Dream

Another wishful dream
That everyone believes
But I’m left here
Asking what do I believe

The city lights
Shinning up the streets
We’re livin it right
Going crazy
Tearing up the streets
And everyone seems
To be having a good time
Except for me

Another wishful dream
That everyone believes
Everyone sees in the stars
But I’m stuck
Wondering what the hell is up there
Is everyone just seeing things
Or do dreams hideaway up there
I try and try again
But I’m finding nothing in sight
It’s just another wishful dream

 (verse 2)
And I’m screaming
Up at the sky
For anything
That appears to me
But I can’t find a thing
Am I blind?
Or just going crazy
I can’t take it
Give me a sign
That this is all right

And I’m still wishing on
A broken shooting star
Getting nothing in return
And I can’t get you off my mind
I wish that I could see
Everything and everyone
Without you blocking my sight
I want another wishful dream!

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just To Breathe...

And the sad part is
I just don’t give a f*ck tonight
But that’s not the end
I’ll get away eventually
Find a place
Where I finally belong
And stop trying
For anyone else

It just isn’t my thing
My place to be
I’m finding out
The hard way
What does this all
Mean to me

I’m too tired to stay awake
And every second that I try
I can’t keep this together
I’m going out of my mind
I hope I’m not going insane

I’m running away
That’s right
I’m leaving this hell tonight
I don’t need anyone by my side
I got my acoustic fender to keep inside
And a car, I hope doesn’t run out of gas
This is good—bye to everyone
I hope you don’t miss me way too much
Cause I’m just trying to get out
Make something of myself
I just need some time to myself
Just to breathe for a while

There’s too much to say
Too much to do
That I’m falling down
Flat on my face
Trying to explain
Just how I feel
Going crazy
Going insane
There’s too much air breathe
Too catch a bated breath
That’s long from my grasp
Just to breathe

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Always Raining, I Need My Space (I Miss You)

It’s always raining
Pouring over my head
Stuck in a small town
In over my head
In everything

I think I’ll stay
Inside these four walls
Until all of this blows over
Wait for the perfect get away
And get away from this place
Just for a while
I need my space

I can’t eat, can’t sleep
Can’t even write a damn song
Stuck in what seems just like hell
I can’t get over it
Can’t stop missing you
And this rain isn’t helping anyone
And tonight, I wish
I could hold you just one more time
Just one last time
Maybe it’ll make this that much easier

One year today
You left us all
With nothing to say
And all the tears to pay

 ©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Consider This (Hold On)

Consider this the end
Consider this your last goodbye
The only chance you’ll ever get
Cause I’m done, oh I’m done
With all of this
I need to move on
And get out of this place

Hold on, hold on
Just for one more day
We’ll figure this one out
Hold on, hold on
It can’t get much worse than this
It’ll be alright
It’ll get better, eventually
Just hold on

When will all of this shit just stop
All of this pain and suffering
Everything this bull crap life causes
Just walk away
And consider this
My only goodbye
I’m getting out of here tonight

How do you know
It’ll get better
How do you know
That it’ll be for the greater
How do you, how do you
How do you know
It’s been a long night tonight
And I’ve been wanting to go home
For a long time
To dream of all the good times
I’ve had, and are hopefully coming soon

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

Someday (On My Way Out)

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