Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Write You A Song

(intro) I’ll write a song
Just for you
We’ll run along
And act like there’s nothing new
We’ll just live

(verse1) Oh, I got butterflies in my stomach
And I can’t, I can’t explain them
But I think I know
What they are all about
Girl, they’re all about you

You got me thinking
About you
All the time
I don’t know how you did it
But you’re a master mind

(chorus) So will you take my hand
And go out with me
We could have a party
That’ll be just you and me
I’ll make a fool out of myself
Trying to impress you
And you’ll sit there laughing at me
Isn’t that just how it’s supposed to be

(verse2) I wanna call you my girlfriend
So you can call me your boyfriend
Spread the word to all of your friends
And I bet you anything mine already know
We’ll have fun
And rewrite history

(bridge) I’ll write a song just for you
I’ll make sure its all about
How you’re always so nice
And those amazing blue eyes
I can’t get them off my mind
And every time we talk
Everything just seems to be so amazing!

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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