Saturday, February 19, 2011

Better Days (song)

Never thought I’d be here today
At the point
Where I don’t give a damn
Everything is just bringing me down
Everyone is just hitting the ground
What the hell
What’s the point of this?
Getting so freaking tired
Of the same old crap
I need this to change!
Because I need something new!

I’m going into this blind
Maybe I’ll finally do this right
I’m looking for better days
And I’m not looking to giving up
I’ll be screaming bloody murder
Forget about all this damn pain
It’ll end up all okay, eventually
I’m looking for better days
Some hope to make it all okay

Throw up your hands
Start a party
If we can make it through this
Then we can make it through anything
And eventually
It’ll all get better

Fight, fight, fight
Is what everyone says to do
Become someone
You never were
Live a life unreal
Live a life as a fraud
But they never knew
What’s truly at the core 

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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