Monday, January 10, 2011

The Memory (Living The Dream) [song]

(chorus) I can’t believe
Just how far we’ve come
And looking back
It’s a long way down
I’m not going back
Only moving forward

(Verse1) Look at all these pictures
It seems just like yesterday
When it all happened
When there were no cares in the world
But look at us now
Going on to live the dream

(pre-chorus) We’ll make a mark in time
Telling everyone this is who we are
But the memories of it all
Lives on inside of us
The memories are what
Made us to be us today

(Verse2) Another day
And another night to go
These late nights
Never seemed this hard before
But I got these memories of the old
To keep me going
And I don’t know how
But we’ll make it one day

I remember
Gazing up at the stars
Thinking about
Every night and second
In life I have spent
Wishing I could break
The city skyline
But tonight
We set that all aside
And we hit the roads
We’re living the dream!

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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