Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here's A Middle Finger! (song)

(V1) I’m done with all of your shit
So please stop acting like a bitch
And don’t act all innocent
Like you never dreamed
Of breaking me
I want
To see you leave
Walk out that door
And never come back
And we’ll see
Just how beautiful
This world truly is to you

(Pre-Ch) You’ll never find
Another guy like me
But that’s ok
Cause I hope
I never find another girl like you

(Ch) So here’s a middle finger
To your face
Just wanted you to understand
I’m never coming back
And I don’t care
How this affects you anymore
So take this middle finger
And let me know what it does
To your stupid little ego
Go get a life
And stop bothering me

(V2) You walk around
Like you’re a princess
Something special
Everyone should worship
But you and I both know
That’s all just a game
A show that’s just not
Worth the time
So go get yourself a life
Learn what its all about
To truly live
Stop being just a bitch
Cause you’re only fooling yourself
No one gives a damn anymore

(B) And I am so tired
Tired of all of your drama
Stop acting like
You’re the center
Of everything
The center of the damn universe
And stop acting like
Your life is miserable as hell
Forget all of your games
No one’s playing

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

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