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Forget About You! (song:)

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The Memory (Living The Dream) [song]

Your Last Curtain Call (song)

(V1) I’m sorry I never realized Just who you are I got distracted By your looks that kill Every guy in the room But now I know, I know I know just who you are And now I’m done, I’m done I’m done with everything you are
(C) This is the end Of everything We have ever known And this is goodbye To all those times That only bring me down And I’m trying so hard To forget everything about you Because these days I don’t need anything from you
(V2) I thought you were cool Had it all together And down to earth But in the end All you were Was an actor on a stage Playing your same old game So don’t tell me You’re sorry anymore I don’t want to hear it And don’t act surprised when you hear

(B) This is your last curtain call But no one wants a bow Up on that stage With everyone calling you out Get it through your head No one cares anymore It’s the end of your career You should have quit While you were ahead 

©2011 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal.

It's A New Year, And I Don't Care If You're There! (song)