Just Like You

Can you tell me what it's like
To be so fucking perfect
Can you tell me what it's like
To be on top of the world
Just tell me how it feels
Tell me what's it like
Cause it looks so fucking stupid
To be just like you
Don't wanna be you

You're running your mouth
Like it's a quota to make
You're showing your face
And the coward underneath
It's amazing how well
You think you hide

I've never seen someone so fake
I've never seen someone like you
I've never met anyone
That makes me feel so jaded
I'm faded

Don't wanna be an act
Don't wanna be a fraud
Don't wanna be a con-artist like you

I don't wanna be fool
I don't wanna be a fake
I don't wanna be just like you
I'll never be just like you

©2018 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal 

Reminiscing (Memories)

I'm listening to music
I haven't touched in years
It gives me peace
I'm writing like I used to write
So long ago, in high school
It gives me a joy
I haven't felt in years
But we relive the past
To find ourselves
In the mess we created
To burn it up
So we can start living again

So give me a memory
To take in
So many left in the past
I thought I forgot them all
But here I am reminiscing
About the days
When ran this town
Ran into the ground

We thought we were fucked up
But it was all in our heads
A lie we told ourselves
To give up
But we fought like hell
To stand back up
And do it all over again

Now the days go on without you
But you don't suffer anymore
I guess that's what we say
To feel better about oursleves
And the loss that can never come back
But truth be told
The wound will never close
We'll never heal
We'll just learn how to live all over again
And keep the memory close

Thank you for everything you gave to me. These memories will live on forever. T…

Don't Quit the Fairytale

Remember what it was like
To be happy
Living a lie
Just trying to get by
Young and innocent
That's what they said
In too big of a hurry
To get out of this place
I wanna move on to better things

I don't know
How to say goodbye
Good luck, we're moving on
It doesn't matter anyway
In this reality
We're just living a fairytale
We're only dead
When we quit living

What the fuck I'm doing
I'm fighting so hard
To disappear
Get out of here
Like I'm ready to leave
Every memory behind
To let a piece of me die
It's the same as giving up

You gave me my peace
Another smile
Up in flames
Showed me how to fake happy
Hide everything
Under a busted shell of life
It's how we got by

This isn't where we drop out
We're only dead
When we quit living
This isn't where we surrender
We're only dead
When we quit living
This isn't the end of our fairytale

©2017 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal 


Every star has a memory
Of those nights
We never cared
And every cloud
A glimpse of the future
We had it all planned out
Nothing could stand in our way
The World was ours

Five years ago
We were invincible
The world was our playground
We were at home
What I wouldn't give
To go back
To feel more alive
Than I do now
And be in the moment
Just be in the moment

We knew it wouldn't last forever
But I never thought
It wouldn't disappear
The time we had
We felt invincible
We let it slip away
Now we're wishing on shooting stars
Living in these wasted fairytales
Dreaming we could still be there today

I used to think
That this was forever
I used to think
This would never die
We were invincible
Chasing our dreams
Being all we could be
We lived in a fairytale
Waiting for the day
We would never wake up

©2017 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal 

Just Fine (My Angry Song)

I hope you hear this song on the radio
I hope you sing along
And agree with every verse
I hope you realize
This song is all about you
And when I hear you scream
I'll know I've finally won
Watch as you let out the same rage
I've felt for half my fucking life
This is my angry song

Sometimes I wonder what went wrong
Sometimes I couldn't care less
Sometimes you make me think that its all my fault
Then I remember you did this all yourself
You did this all yourself, You did this all yourself
I'm never coming back

You say I owe you an apology
Act like I should worship the very air you breathe
You say I'll never live this down
I say I'm gonna be just fine

You wear your misery well
You plead for attention
Cause it's the only way you'll survive
These rose colored glasses
Don't suit your ignorance at all

I'll live this life without a worry
I'll make sure you don't live this down
I've been fighting for a long time
I'm …

Perfect Was Never Real

Don't pray for me
I'm doing just fine
Keep your salvation
And I'll keep mine
We try so hard
Fight for everything
We believe
But it was never enough

I'm done saying sorry
No more apologies
I'm done feeling worthless
All this hypocritical bullshit
I'm done with this, with you
No more playing games
I'll let karma take care of the rest

Your perfect little life
This perfect little world
You worked so hard to create
It's nothing but a fairytale
Another lie you told yourself
Cause perfect was never real

Can you tell me was it worth it
Was it ever really perfect
Guess this is goodbye
Can you honestly say "I hate you"
Cause I believed every single word
Guess this is goodbye
I hope it was worth it
Cause I'm better than this

©2017 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal

My Escape

The devil says
He's been calling my name
Says it's too late
To Getaway
He's been planting
Demons in my head
Monsters under my bed
Working at
Decaying my sanity

This misery I don't need
He's been
Screaming in me ear
For about a year or two
I can't get out of my head
It's killing me
I need my escape

These nightmares
Are everywhere I look
It's like I've been stuck
In a fucking cage
Out on display
For all to see
Point and laugh
And there is no escape

Let it go
Is what everyone says
But I can't get out
Of my own head
It's killing me
The demons hiding within
These monsters
Staying under my bed
All working at
Decaying my sanity

©2017 All Rights Reserved Ryne Neal